Thursday, 7 April 2011

what if there is no boy drought?

If you are a girl who's been single for a while, like so many others who feel there are no decent guys around or believe the ones left are 'total wankers' or wondering why a nice girl like you has had more than your fair share of bad dates, you may be overlooking one major thing..... the common denominator in all this, is you.

It's an unfair generalization to group all men to be losers and it's probably you who needs working on.

Here are some things that maybe you need to change about yourself:

  • stop being so friggin' picky with everyone
  • stop being so friggin' picky with everything
  • say yes more (which also goes with being spontaneous)
  • smile more
  • laugh openly and wholeheartedly
  • be open
  • be interesting

All of these things will make you attractive. It will make men believe you are easy-going and fun to be with which is the basis of all things they want in a woman.

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