Tuesday, 12 April 2011

convincing him you're not worth leaving

Unfortunately we put on weight, lose our libido, act like the exorcist on crack once a month, our boobs drop and our butts sag. Men's libidos pretty much stay the same and their salt and pepper hair and power statuses that increase with age, make them sexier.

Without being superficial, it's our job as females to work at our bodies and how we present ourselves. It's our job to want to have sex on a regular basis. It's our job to wear nice lingerie under no matter what we are wearing on top. To remember to do our hair nicely and cook him a damn fine roast dinner every now and then.

Men say they cheat on their partners because we don't pay them attention, don't look after ourselves and don't want to have sex. So don't give them this ammunition!!!

These are YOUR responsibilities to the relationship. (He probably has more responsibility but that's another story).

Pay attention to yourself and work at making him proud that you're his. He'll notice.

You can also probably afford to have some of the personality attributes I listed here.

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