Friday, 15 April 2011

bringing back the blues

My elder brother Verner sent my folks Eric Bibb's album 'Home to Me' back in 2000 and I remember my Mum dancing to it in the kitchen while she was cooking up a storm. And last Monday I saw an advertisement in the paper to see Eric live at the Enmore Theatre and immediately bought tickets. Ruthie Foster was the supporting act, and bloody hell! I threw my shoulders on beats 1 and 3 like nothin' else.

That's the great thing about the Blues. It is incredibly uplifting but also moves you to tears to a song like 'Flood Waters' about the devastating Mississippi floods back in 1927.

I have a small confession though, I almost think Ruthie Foster upstaged Eric. Go listen to her on YouTube and you'll see why she's now one of my favourite musicians.

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