Wednesday, 18 May 2011

seduced by sound

My father has always listened opera and classical music at home and last weekend he invited me to join him to view a live stream from the Metropolitan Opera in New York at the Dendy cinema at the Opera House, as I am also a big fan.

We saw Strauss' Capriccio and boy was the lead soprano Renee Fleming just mesmerizing. Although for me, I didn't feel like there were enough aria's for her to sing (too much dialogue), but the costumes, set and the last scene made a 3 hour opera with no intermission just fly by and take me to a place of euphoria. I was so inspired in fact, that I have booked to take up opera singing lessons myself!!!

You don't need to fall in love with opera, but everybody should still see a 'proper' opera at least once in their lifetime. The last one I saw was in Rome which I could also highly recommend! But the below points you should think about before booking the tickets to see your first opera:

- Choose to see an opera in a well-known theatre or auditorium where you know the acoustics will be second to none.
- Choose a 'classic' opera. One that's famous. It's famous for a reason! One by Puccini or Carmen for example.
- Choose to see a 'light' opera - lots of beautiful singing, less dialogue. You're sitting there for 3+ hours so you want to be spellbound, not to keep looking at your watch.
- On that note, chose who you bring with you wisely. Don't bring children, a sleeper/snorer, or somebody who cannot stop looking at their phone every 10 minutes.
- Don't be freaked out by having to wear an evening gown or top and tails. Just wear something smart casual unless you are attending an opening night in Europe.
- Bring water!! There's nothing worse than somebody having a coughing fit or constantly clearing their throat.
- If you need to get up in the middle of the performance for what ever reason, ALWAYS walk out the of the aisle facing the guests, not facing the stage. Nobody likes an ass in their face.
- Just relax and enjoy!

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