Tuesday, 3 May 2011

no fat? my arse!

Ok so it was only time before I was going to write about food and considering I am studying Nutritional Medicine, I have so much to share!! But it's hard to know where to start so I will share with you one of the main things that I have personally changed in my life this year.

Changing from no fat, low fat, skim, fat-reduced to......  FULL FAT. Full fat? When was the last time you ate something with full CREAM? No it doesn't mean the thing is 100% pure fat, it just means if the product has a natural amount of 15% fat, it keeps it. Sounds like it's Christmas? It's not but you might as well celebrate because eating foods with it's natural amount of fat in it will contain less sugar and/or chemicals which means eating less calories and more nutrients. 

So let me tell you about what happens to the food when all the 'fat' is extracted, when it should be there. Firstly fat is essential in your diets. Why? It contains more energy per gram than the other essential nutrients (it has 9 kcals and protein and carbs only have 4), it is used for the structure of each cell's membrane and for insulation. You need it so why are you always trying to take it out? You need 70 grams of good fat per day.

When it is extracted, all the flavour is extracted! Just think about the flavour and texture difference between skim milk and full cream milk. Also remember back when your parents or grandparents would cook good bits of meat with the fat on for extra flavour and a good stock with all the trimmings for the rich flavours etc. So what do the companies put in to replace the flavour? Sugar, artificial flavourings and colours and thickeners. So how can the thing be better for us with all of this shit?

So just remember fat-free doesn't mean calorie free. In fact, it could make you put on weight, consume more over-processed foods, consume less essential fats which you will just have to eat elsewhere in your diet to make up for it. So enjoy it guilt free and look forward to your slimmer and healthier selves!

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